Civil Engineering | The Backbone of Civilization

Civil Engineering is slow and boring. But it is one of the most indispensable part of society. Civil Engineering helps in sustaining civilization itself. The backbone of civilization, our infrastructure, the magnificent buildings, mansions, theme-parks, factories, freeways, high-speed railways, tunnels that bore through mountains to make routes shorter, bridges that span large valleys and rivers, Read more about Civil Engineering | The Backbone of Civilization[…]

Glass | A Versatile Building Material

Glass has become a much-used material in interior as well as exterior architecture. In earlier times, glass used to be fragile, and had very limited application. But this view has undergone a drastic change now. Glass is an excellent material available in toughened form and is a very important element in the arsenal of Architects Read more about Glass | A Versatile Building Material[…]

Using Fibers as Concrete Admixtures

Admixtures are materials other than cement, aggregate and water that are added to concrete either before or during its mixing to alter its properties, such as workability, curing temperature range, set time or color. Addition of fibre to concrete makes it tough and fatigue resistant. Such type of admixtures are used extensively in important engineering Read more about Using Fibers as Concrete Admixtures[…]